Karmacology: Mindful Living, Sacred Practice

You Are That One

There is a tale among us, a legend preserved by the old tellers from the farthest distance of our past... It is said that upon the edge of the Earth at the end of time stands a lone man who holds the meaning of it all... It is said that he has mastered all skill and prowess that we desire, all restraint and calm, and has become perfection -- passion and mastery like unto the poised grandeur of mountains. And it is said, should ever one of us seek him out... and contest with him, we will learn the measure of our worth, in defeat or triumph. Therefore we are a seeking people. In each heart among us beats a yearning for this test and the knowledge it offers.

Yet the path which leads to him is unknown, has never been known. It is said that this path must not be known -- that it may only be found by one who knows without knowledge and has not come seeking the thing he seeks.

You are that one.
-- Stephen R. Donaldson, from The One Tree

Photo by ha!photography