Karmacology: Mindful Living, Sacred Practice

The Menu is not the Meal

Cultivating mindfulness is not unlike the process of eating. It would be absurd to propose that someone else eat for you. And when you go to a restaurant, you don’t eat the menu, mistaking it for the meal, nor are you nourished by listening to the waiter describe the food. You have to actually eat the food for it to nourish you. In the same way, you have to actually practice mindfulness in order to reap its benefits and come to understand why it is so valuable.
-– John Kabat-Zinn, from Letting Everything Become Your Teacher

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The Belief Principle

You have been created for some specific work. Nobody else has been entrusted with your role in human history. If you do not play your part, your part will go unplayed.

Foster the belief that you were born for a reason...and with every passing day you will begin to see the reason unfolding before your eyes.

All you have to do is prepare yourself and cooperate by choosing the-best-version-of-yourself in the moments of each day.
-- Matthew Kelly, from The Rhythm of Life: Living Every Day with Passion and Purpose

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Trust the Body

The body is shaped, disciplined, honored, and in time, trusted.
-- Martha Graham

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No man remains quite what he was when he recognizes himself.
-- Thomas Mann

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