Karmacology: Mindful Living, Sacred Practice

Everything Lies in the Intensity

It is not enough for an activity to satisfy your desire for knowledge, bring you joy, or make you calmer and more relaxed. In every activity you must look for an opportunity to perfect yourself and become free inside. Yet even the manner in which humans practise art and science, as well as religion, betrays the fact that they are not really looking for a means of self-perfection. You will ask, ‘But what does perfecting yourself mean, then? What must we do to succeed?’ Perfecting yourself means to change the quality of your vibrations, so that you make them more intense or, in other words, more spiritual.

Everything lies in the intensity of your thoughts, feelings and the life within you; that is what initiatic Science reveals to us. Once human beings manage to live this intense life, all their activities, physical as well as spiritual, will only contribute to their evolution.
-- Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Photo by fensterbme